chios energy Everything that exists is permeated by universal energy that connects and nourishes all life. This energy has been called by many names, prana, chi, ki and reiki. It is an invisible energy field that surrounds every human being. It supports the life process in all it’s aspects- the material operations of the physical body, the function of the emotions and mind and even the spiritual life. When the flow of energy within the energy field becomes week, impure, unbalanced or blocked, the energetic defects prevent the pure connection our true selves and the realm of pure consciousness. These dysfunctional patterns in the body, mind and spirit can eventually lead to problems that manifest as diseases or afflictions of a physical emotional or mental nature. Chios energy balancing is one of the healing arts of correcting energetic defects in the energy field. It is the goal of the treatment to restore the flow of energy to it’s strong, natural and healthy state and correct any defects that are present, thereby helping to restore and maintain health to the body, emotions, mind and spirits to all levels of the being. Chios can be used to assist in resolution of any already existing disease conditions as well as to prevent future diseases by treating the faulty energetic conditions that exist in one’s energy field.