The entity removal session I had with you recently was very powerful. I feel it has finally cleared me of feeling like I'm sharing my body with others. I have sensed the presence of three other beings most of my life, two since childhood. The two from childhood felt like grandparents or some other loving relative and that's what you got, also. I loved the way you gently sent them to the Light with the knowledge that they were appreciated for all they had done for me and with the knowing that I had Guides and Angels to protect me. The third entity had come to me when I was a young adult and was more of an opportunist who was experiencing life through me and it really didn't want to leave. And though it had been a fierce protector, I hadn't been in an abusive relationship for nearly 20 years and it had been interfering with my spiritual development. I really appreciate all the effort and expertise you spent on convincing this being to go to the Light. Now that they are out of my head I am more able to hear my Guides and Angels and my meditations are much deeper. Many thanks to you, Susan, you have been a blessing to my life.