golden triangle The Trine, also commonly known as the equilateral triangle (not filled in), is the symbol of penetration to higher levels of existence. Use of this symbol awakens the mind to the higher levels. It points upward and connects this world to the higher worlds bringing about heightened and broadened awareness and a refined perception and higher rate of vibration. When used in treatments, it ascends to pull energy to a higher vibration. This gives the healing energy more power and a purifying effect. This energy has been used to heal many health issues with a reasonable success rate. It is also very affective in recharging and balancing the Chakras.


I want you to know how grateful I am for the incredibly powerful Golden Triangle Attunement process that you did for me.

I was recently laid-off work, due to budgets & downsizing. My self esteem continued to plummet each day. I kept repeating unhelpful thoughts in my mind that left me feeling inadequate.

Then you did the Golden Triangle reading on me to align and energize my chakras. This enabled me to become aware of how I was responding to my issue and also filled my body with energy. Thank you for balancing and clearing each of my chakras. The attunement was amazing. I’ve felt a positive shift in my mind and body. Before the process I hadn’t realized how much I was stuck focusing on the negative and rehashing pessimistic judgments related to the downsizing at my workplace. Since the attunement I am able to quiet my mind, to open minded, and listen to the wisdom of the universe.

Since receiving your Golden Triangle Attunement I feel uplifted and able to release negativity most of the time. I now wake up with a positive attitude and focus on new goals and the things in my life I am grateful for. I know that I will find a job that is perfect for me.

The work you’ve done on me has been wonderful!

Bless You,