Journey sessions are a bit different for everyone. Now when my friend, Susan King, asked me if I had ever experienced a Journey session, in my mind, I was thinking it was something like my work with shaman journey work, astral traveling, and meditation all wrapped into one. From what she explained, it was something very different. I was a bit hesitant, not knowing really much about this, and put off having a session done. Susan, being the beautiful soul that she is, gently nudged each and every time she could see that I needed to have this work done, but I resisted every step of the way until very recently.

To be honest I was a bit surprised, as I had no idea what to expect, but was “thinking” that I would do this with an open mind, heart, and soul. Little to my surprise did I realize that I still did not want to face some of the things that were there. Journey work takes you deep into your emotions and those issues that you have still held onto, are carrying around, need ends freed from, etc. It is a beautiful releasing experience and can help many people if they are willing to try.

During my session, I listened to her guided work and followed with the program until I hit a block that I didn’t even realize was there. Journey works on the emotional level plane and works through these issues (in Journey work they are called blocks) to release them. I have been doing spiritual healing work for almost half of my lifetime and when she said I had these blocks, I answered her back saying I don’t have blocks. I didn’t see them as blocks but as those final issues that just needed to be released, but guess what? They are still blocks! Whether you want to call them blocks, ties, attachments, issues, residual problems, etc we all have them on some level. Seeing and working from a spiritual and energetic level, I had none let, but these were on an emotional level that I was carrying around for years upon years of my lifetime.

I can explain a Journey session in a simple and easy format for all to understand who have not had one or are thinking of having one. Journey work is great for those issues that we all have at some point in our life that if someone hits that cord we start to cry, get angry, feel failure, or other emotional issues. We are carrying these issues around because we don’t realize it otherwise on an emotional aspect and need to free ourselves and be released from them. I don’t allow many people to work on my energy or anything of this sort, as being an empath; I keep this protected. I can honestly say though, after having a session with Susan, I feel as if a huge boulder has been removed from my emotional status. Susan is a master in this field and can help even the most stubborn people who need to release these issues. She is a very gentle, kind, and loving soul who can be trusted on every level. If you have any questions about having a Journey session or want to have one done, have one done by the best in the field, Susan King.

Many Blessings and
Love & Light To You
Nicole Lanning
Healing Art Forms Institute


My experience of doing journey work with Susan was an amazing process that produced a deeper level of freedom and transformation. I experienced immediate emotional and energetic shifts that not only impacted me, but my also my environment as a whole.

Susan made me feel so comfortable and supported throughout the session. I felt free to express myself with ease,let go of past hurts and surrendered another level of my ego that was holding me back from my true potential.

Susan also used her very unique gifting that accompanied her during the process that yielded unexpected greatness that will be with me for a life time. I would highly recommend Susan to guide others to more personal freedom. She was a divine answer to helping me unfold my next steps.

-Alicia Waters!

--Unity Minister & CEO of Alicia Waters! & The Bridge Connection
Columbus, GA