Best Value

30 Days in Advance for all three days of Events - $325.00

All three days of Events at the door $350.00

Friday Night Only

Ancient Spiritual Wisdom / Music to Soothe the Soul
Doors Open at 5:30pm - Show Ends 10:30pm

Saturday Only

Mysteries of 2012 / The Journey / Dancing in the Light
Doors Open at 9:30am - Show Ends 9:00 pm

Sunday Only

Health Evolution in the New Paradigm / Celebrating Spirit
Doors Open at 2:30pm - Show Ends 9:30pm

Mark Stanton Welch Only

Friday - Music to Soothe The Soul - Show begins 9:30pm - $25.00

Saturday - Dancing in the Light - Show begins 6:30pm - $50.00

Sunday - Celebrating Spirit - Show begins 6:30pm - $50.00

Workshops - Sunday

David Cowen - The Art of Dowsing

Alysia Thurston - Past Life Regression

Mark Stanton Welch - Vibrational Alchemy

All three workshops available between 10:00am and 12:00pm
$15.00 Per Workshop

Payments made by Checks/Credit Cards accepted via PayPal.

Adults only for all shows and workshops except for Mark Stanton Welch where ages 12 and over are welcomed.

Free Door Prizes

Silent Auction

Book Signing

For information regarding refunds, email or call 415-935-8450. Certain terms and restrictions will apply.